AH - Altitude Hold function

Altitude Hold Function (AH)

The Altitude Hold Gain is used by the altitude hold control algorithm based on the on-board barometric pressure sensor.  The pressure sensor is used to determine the altitude of the aircraft.  When the Altitude Hold function is enabled the HoverflyPro™ uses the pressure sensor to maintain a constant altitude.  Small disturbances will cause the aircraft to float around the altitude when the Altitude Hold function was enabled.

To use the Altitude Hold Function, rise to a safe altitude that you would like the aircraft to maintain.  Then activate the Altitude Hold Function by turning the associated switch to on or enabled (position is user dependent).  The aircraft will rise and fall within a range of altitude around the chosen altitude.  The pilot can increase or decrease the Altitude Hold Gain to increase or decrease the range of altitudes.  This function is only accurate to a few feet up and down under the best conditions.

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