Auto-Level setup for HoverflyPRO

This guide will help you to avoid some common mistakes that occur in setting up the Auto Level feature of your HoverflyPRO.

If you are having problems with Auto Level, follow the full guide to ensure that this feature is set up properly.

1. Flash the latest firmware version using the Firmware Update Client.

Hoverfly Firmware Update Client


2. Download and install the latest version of the Setup Client

Hoverfly Setup Client

If your HoverflyPRO arrived with a factory calibration (indicated by a Temperature & Accelerometer Calibration sticker on the back of the board), open the Hoverfly Setup Client and check that temperature compensation and accelerometer calibration are completed using the Pro Info tab.  Then skip ahead to step 10.

If your HoverflyPRO did not arrive with a factory calibration, or if you have been advised to re-do your calibrations by our staff, please continue with step 3.

3. Disable Accelerometer Calibration.



4. Disable Temperature Compensation



5. Switch to the General tab



6. Check that the Artificial Horizon is reasonable

Connect to the Setup Client's General tab and check that the artificial horizon is close to level when the HoverflyPRO is level.  The artificial horizon will most likely not be perfectly level at this step when the HoverflyPRO is level, but it should be close to level.



7. Calibrate the Accelerometer

When calibrating make sure the top of the HoverflyPRO faces away from your computer screen, toward you.  The HoverflyPRO should be between you and the computer screen.  If the top of the HoverflyPRO faces the computer screen you will mirror the instructions presented in the Accelerometer Calibration wizard.  This will result in an incorrect calibration.

It is important that the board be as level as possible with respect to each position. If possible, use a bubble level to ensure a level surface for performing this calibration.



Only proceed once the Accelerometer Calibration has been completed!


8. Check that Accelerometer Calibration was completed in the Pro Info tab

If the Accelerometer Calibration box is not checked, you did not complete the Accelerometer Calibration.



9. Run the Temperature compensation

In order to complete the Temperature Compensation process, you will need a low heat source such as a heat gun, hair dryer, or incandescent light. Point the heat source at the HoverflyPRO from a safe distance (about 3 feet) and continue to do so until the progress bar is entirely green.




10. Check the Artificial Horizon.

It should be level when the HoverflyPRO is level. If not, return to Step 3 and repeat the calibration process.




11. Make a flight with autoleveling enabled.

If needed, adjust your elevator and aileron trims.  After adjusting your trims, leave them set.  It is not necessary nor should you re-center your trims.  At this point, Auto Level should keep your multirotor very close to perfectly level with the sticks centered.

After setting your trims, land your multirotor with Auto Level mode still enabled and cycle the power to the HoverflyPRO once.  This will allow normal mode to adjust for the new trim settings.

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