Care Free Mode

What is Care Free Mode?

Care Free Mode will cause the flight controller to remember which direction is "forward" when the craft is armed (based on a magnetic compass reading), and use that direction as "forward" regardless of the current yaw orientation of the aircraft. This is helpful when performing yaw maneuvers, which can often leave the pilot disoriented as to which direction the craft is pointing.

1. Care Free requires a HoverflyGPS and a correctly calibrated compass.  If you are experiencing magnetic interference or your compass heading is incorrect for any reason, please do not use Care Free mode.

2. When your multirotor is armed with Care Free mode enable, the flight controller will take a compass reading of the "forward" direction of the aircraft (the direction labelled "Front" on your flight controller). This direction will then be considered "forward" when flying Care Free.

3. Care Free will only be active when Auto Level is enabled. Please use caution when switching between Auto Level and normal flight - it can be disorienting!


Enabling Care Free


1. Connect your HoverflyPRO to the Setup Client's while in the Pro Info tab.



2. Check the Care Free checkbox



3. Click the Save button



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