Compass calibration for the HoverflyGPS (v.4.3 and above)




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    Hansen Tsang

    How do I verify the compass calibration when I need to be outside to get a GPS fix and I need to be indoor to hook up to the setup client on the computer?


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    Ben Halsted

    Hi Hansen -

    The easiest answer is a laptop, netbook, or other portable computer that can go outside with you. Failing that, we are usually able to get a GPS fix indoors with the craft near a large window, but this will depend largely on your geography.

    Thanks for flying with us!

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    Jefferson Hauptmann


    i've just procced with the calibration. hoverfly setup client shows me thats ok, north facing also seems to be ok. But on flight, when i turn on position hold or rth, it wants to fly away no matter what. other weird thing is that the gps telemetry don't show any data on my DX8. i'm doing something wrong?

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    Ben Halsted

    Hello Jefferson,

    Check the alignment of the antenna and external magnetometer (if you are using one). The magnetometer in particular needs to be as square as possible with the HoverflyPRO+GPS. If you still have issues, please use the "Submit a Request" link to enter a work ticket for the engineers.

    Thank you for flying with us!

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