Wiring for your Sarentel-type antenna

If your HoverflyGPS unit has a single GPS connector, the following information may pertain to you.

If your HoverflyGPS unit has two GPS connectors, please see this article instead:

When using a Sarentel D2523T GPS antenna module with a single-port HoverflyGPS, it is important to note that you must use a modified connector cable with four rather than six wires. If you do not have a modified cable to use and prefer to tackle this simple modification yourself, please refer to the attached diagram and follow these instructions.

1. Arrange your cable so that the red wire is in the first position. (The flat side of each connector should be facing up.)
2. Clip and remove the fifth and sixth wires (both black).
3. On the HoverflyGPS end of the wire, gently lift the connector pins and remove the remaining four wires.
4. Replace the wires according to the attached diagram.
5. Be sure the connector pins are set back in place. A minimal amount of gap-filling cyanoacrylate adhesive (CA) may be useful to ensure a solid connection.

Now your connector cable will be ready to connect the D2325T to your HoverflyGPS.


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