Replacing the GPS antenna

Due to supply issues and other considerations, the HoverflyGPS has, at various times, shipped with one of several different GPS antenna modules. These units are as follows:

Ublox LEA-6H: Beginning in December 2013, this is the antenna that currently ships with the HoverflyGPS. It features a higher tolerance for electronic noise, allowing it to be installed closer to the Hoverfly flight controller stack. It requires both a Hoverfly-specific firmware installed to the antenna, as well as a modified cable for communication with the HoverflyGPS.

MediaTek MT3329: Both versions of this antenna are supported. It is identified by its square shape, which is mounted to a blue DIYdrones-branded (v1) or green 3DR-branded (v2) adapter board. This antenna module has proven to be generally more capable of withstanding damage in a crash than the Sarentel-type antennas used previously. The version 2 MediaTek stores last recorded position for quicker GPS fixes. The MediaTek antenna module uses the same connection as a GS407, so it is possible to use this antenna module with older HoverflyGPS boards as well.

Sarentel-type D2523T: This antenna module is identified by an round elongated cap covering a ceramic cylinder. While it is considered by many to be the best-performing GPS antenna module available, it is also somewhat fragile and can be easily damaged in a crash.

PLEASE NOTE: If your HoverflyGPS has only a single antenna port, using this antenna will require a modified connector cable (four wires rather than six). If you received an unmodified cable with a replacement Sarentel D2523T, do not use this cable with your D2523T; use the original cable that was provided with your HoverflyGPS instead. If you do not have a modified cable, please submit a ticket to correct this issue.

Sarentel-type GS407: Identical to the D2523T in most respects, the GS407 used by Hoverfly Technologies was supplied by 3D Robotics and had a blue DIYdrones-branded adapter on the connector end. This antenna was used only briefly due to supply issues. Newer versions of this antenna are available from Sparkfun and have a green adapter board. The GS407 does not require a modified cable for either version.

If you received your HoverflyGPS prior to January 2012 or after November 2013, it is important to be aware of these differences. In short, you may use any of these antenna modules, but you must take precaution to ensure that the connector cable is correct if you use a Sarentel D2523T or LEA-6.

As of January 2012, all HoverflyGPS units come equipped with two connectors and can thus handle either type of cable connector.

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