Using the Firmware Update Client and Setup Utility

Connecting to the HoverflyGPS and HoverflyPRO can be challenging when you first start using these boards.  It is important to know a little bit about how the connection is made.  When either of these boards is first connected to your computer via the USB cable it must first go through a sequence of procedures before it enters connection mode signified by the FLASHING PURPLE LED.  Once in this mode the CONNECT button will connect very quickly to the board.  However, if you click the CONNECT button while the LED is RED or GREEN then the connection process on the computer side will time out and may suggest that you need to download the USB driver.  You must also realize that each tab in the Setup Utility needs requires a new connection to be made.  Follow the steps below to make connecting to your board faster and easier.

Before you Start

Some antivirus protection software can interfere with USB communications, software installation and operation.  If you are having trouble completing the following steps then check to see what antivirus software is running and pause or terminate them and try again.

Step 1

Start by installing the Firmware Update Client and Setup Utility on your computer.  Once they have installed they may automatically launch.  Close them and continue to the next step. 

Step 2

Start the Firmware Update Client and follow the guided steps until you reach the Connect tab.  Now connect your board to your computer using the USB cable.  If this is the first time you have made this connection give your computer a few minutes to identify the correct driver and connect.  Complete the guided steps until the firmware has been flashed.

Step 3

Disconnect the board from the computer and then re-connect it.  Watch the status LED on the board.  If the LED does not light up within a few minutes then the DIP switch was in the wrong position during the firmware flash.  The Firmware Update Client may give you a "Success" but it has no way of knowing that the DIP switch was in the right or wrong position.  Go back to Step 2 and repeat the firmware with the DIP switch in the opposite positions.  If you look very carefully you will see a white dot on the black housing of the DIP switch signifying Position 1. Once you complete Steps 2 and 3 correctly and the LED lights up when the board is reconnected then you are ready for the next step.

Step 4

Once the firmware is installed you will of course have the latest firmware but just as important is that you will know that you have the needed USB driver installed on your computer.  If you make it through the firmware update then you have the USB driver and there is no need to install it again even if prompted to install it in the Setup Utility (Next Step).  Once the firmware is installed you must use the Setup Utility to set the geometric motor configuration (xQuad, +Octo, etc).

Step 5

Disconnect the USB cable from the board and start the Setup Utility.  Once the program has launched connect the USB cable to the board.  If you are using the HoverflyPRO then make sure the DIP switch is in Position 1.  On the HoverflyGPS make sure the DIP switch is in Position 2.

Step 6

Watch the LED on the HoverflyPRO observing what color is being displayed.  When you see the flashing purple LED click the Connect button.  The board should immediately connect and you will see some movement of the data displayed on the General tab.  You can tilt your aircraft (or bare board) and see the artificial horizon move.

Step 7

If your receiver is connected to the HoverflyPRO and powered then turn on your transmitter as well.  You should see the control inputs change as you move the sticks and switches of your transmitter.

Proper Sequence:  In order for you to use the receiver and be connected to the Setup client you must first connect the USB cable with the aircraft power OFF. Then connect to the Setup Client using the Connect button.  Once the connection is made you may then power your aircraft/receiver/transmitter.  If you power the aircraft first and then try to connect the HoverflyPRO may not enter the connection mode (flashing purple LED) and a connection cannot be made.

Step 8

In order to use a different tab on the Setup Utility you must first Disconnect on the tab you are current using (connected with).  Then change tabs in the Setup Client, wait for the flashing purple LED (you may need to disconnect the USB cable and wait for the LED sequence to reach the flashing purple mode) then click the Connect button on the new tab.

Step 9

The Parameters tab is used for the Camera Tilt/Roll outputs.  Once again you must connect to the Setup Utility and then power the aircraft/gimbal.  Then you can check the Camera Mount On checkbox to power the gimbal.

Step 10

The Diagnostics tab is used for the flight log and performing a diagnostics test.  Keep in mind that the test requires vigorous movement of the board.  If your test fails do not panic.  Repeat the test several times and then if it fails several times you may have a problem.  Contact support only after you have performed this test and failed at least 3 times.

Step 11

Calibrations are required for both the HoverflyPRO and HoverflyGPS.  The HoverflyPRO calibrations are completed with the DIP switch in Position 1.  The HoverflyGPS calibrations are performed with the USB connected to the HoverflyGPS and the DIP switch in Position 2.

Step 12

The motor geometry information is set using the Pro Info tab.  This tab will also show you flight information and if the accelerometer and temperature calibrations have been stored.

Step 13

Finally, the GPS Info tab is used to verify the operation of your HoverflyGPS.  you must be outside to acquire any satellites.  You may be able to acquire some indoors by a window but it is best to make this check outside.

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