Flashing and Mode Selection for Firmware v4.0 and higher

Version 4.0 firmware has some important changes that affect the way you interact with your HoverflyPRO through the Firmware Update and Setup Clients.

1. Flashing 4.x firmware.

Version 4.0 and higher firmware is flashed with the Firmware Update Client as usual.  To get the new firmware, select the "HoverflyPro 4.x" board from the list of boards available.  Older firmware will still be available through the "HoverflyPRO 3.x" board selection. Please note that these version numbers refer to the firmware, not the hardware; the new firmware is compatible with both HoverflyPRO v1 (green boards) and v2 (black boards).

2. Mode selection:

Mode selection is now done through the Setup Client's "Pro Info" tab, as seen below.  It is no longer part of the firmware flashing process. (The tab remains in the Firmware Update Client for users who choose to flash older firmware as well as HoverflySPORT users.)

The new firmware will store your mode selection internally, so once you set a mode for your aircraft, the HoverflyPRO remembers it even if you later flash a firmware update.  Please note that you MUST set the mode before you fly!



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