Servos twitching or unresponsive

If you are experiencing any of the following issues with your HoverflyGIMBAL, the information below pertains to you:

1. Servos do not respond at all.
2. Servos twitch or respond erratically.
3. Servos move contrary to user input (i.e.: panning uncontrollably)

These issues indicate that your servos are not directly compatible with the HoverflyGIMBAL. However, our testing has shown that the majority of these compatibility issues can be resolved with the use of a signal conditioner.

The following products have been confirmed to be compatible with the HoverflyGIMBAL in this regard:

You can also make your own signal booster using the following schematic and parts obtained at your local electronics store (such as Radio Shack).


Examples of parts for use in building your own signal boosters:

Diode (optional):

Transistor (2N2222):

Resistor (10k):

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    Gary Goodrum

    Is there a US supplier of these units?

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    Ben Halsted

    The Spektrum signal booster should be available through almost any model RC shop which carries electronic parts.

    For the ASSAN signal booster, we have not been able to locate a US supplier.

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