v4.0 changes to be aware of

Dear Hoverfiens,

 In the next week or so we will be releasing a new firmware version which has some important changes you should be aware of.  These changes affect the way you interact with our update and setup software  This list only represents what will change in our update and setup client software.  The new firmware version will include other features/fixes as well.

1. New mode selection:

Your HoverflyPro's mode is no longer controlled by  the firmware you flash.  In fact, the new firmware stores the mode internally and will be set via the Setup Client.  This means that once you set the correct mode, the HoverflyPro remembers it even after you flash a firmware update.  Don't forget to set the mode here before you fly!!



2. Flashing new firmware.

New firmware will be flashed in the same way, but you won't select a mode.  To get the new firmware, select the "HoverflyPro 4.x" board from the list of boards available.  Old firmware will still be available through the original "HoverflyPro 3.x" board selection.



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