Tip of the Week for 07/01/13: HoverflyGIMBAL Mode Set

When using the HoverflyGIMBAL, some customers find that they greatly prefer one mode over another, particularly for the Pitch servo. If you like, you can set a particular servo to always act as if it is in the preferred, regardless of the Mode Switch position. Let's say you prefer to always have your Pitch servo in Angle Position mode so that it will always re-center when you center the stick.

To do this, connect to the HoverflyGIMBAL Setup Client and go to Configuration & Calibration > Servo Configuration > Channel 2: Pitch > Transmitter / Receiver Control and select the "Angle Position" option. Return to the Configuration & Calibration screen to Save Settings.

Note that the Yaw servo is the only servo that can not be hard-set this way - it requires Mode 0 to prevent Auto-Compensation-induced spinning when the aircraft is on the ground.

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