Tip of the Week for 04/08/13: The Aerial Robotics Industry Association

As many of you know, we are sharing a booth at the National Association of Broadcasters conference in Las Vegas this week, and we've used the opportunity to make several big announcements today. (Check out our Facebook page for all of the updates:

While we're clearly excited about our new products, the announcement that may have the largest long-term impact was that of the Aerial Robotics Industry Association's Fly-Safe conference happening next month in Minneapolis (

One of the major goals of this organization is to promote the safe use of aerial robotics by establishing and teaching professional operating practices. The upcoming Fly-Safe conference is the first step towards that goal. If you make or use any sort of aerial robot in a professional setting, we strongly encourage you to join us, either at this conference or in support of future events - and always, always, ALWAYS make safety your first priority when flying!

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