Tip of the Week for 02/08/13: Shake, Rattle & Roll

Many stability issues can be traced to airframe vibrations. This is true of both flight stability and camera stability. Whether you're using a Hoverfly flight controller, a HoverflyGIMBAL, or both, vibrations are the enemy of optimum performance.

We have taken some precautions against vibrations already, both in the software and by providing anti-vibration grommets for mounting your Hoverfly product. Here are a few other steps you can take to reduce vibration in your aircraft:

1. Regularly check your props to ensure the are balanced.

2. Regularly check any connections (nuts, bolts, etc.) and make sure they are tight.

3. A piece of double-sided foam tape or anti-vibration gel between the board and the mounting plate will help to isolate the controller from vibrations.

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