Pro/GPS Firmware/Setup Update v4.6

New Features

1. New Altitude Hold.  Offers significantly improved accuracy

2. Voltage adjustment.  Allows the adjustment of the voltage sensor on your HoverflyPro.

3. External compass.  Helps those with circling issues and other problems caused by magnetic interference.

4. Care Free

5. Various stability improvements (to reduce high frequency movement seen while flying)

6. Ability to enable or disable magnetic heading hold in the setup client

7. New more accurate accelerometer calibration



1. Fixed issue where camera mount glitches while HoverflyPro is disarmed


What do be aware of

1.  You MUST MANUALLY DOWNLOAD the v4.6 setup client.

1. HoverflyPro will now not arm while HoverflyGPS is connected and flashing purple

2. Altitude hold slew center point is now set when activating altitude hold.

3. Accelerometer calibration must be re-run (with v4.6 or greater setup client)

4. A new setup client must be downloaded from our website to use the new firmware.  (The old one will not update to the correct version)

5. Main gain may need to be changed.

6. Altitude hold gain may need to be changed.

7. Use caution when Care Free mode is enabled and switching between autoleveling and normal mode.  Disorientation may occur.

8. The external compass' value can not yet be displayed in the setup client.  Only the on-board compass' values are displayed.





    1. fixes issue with the display of the artificial horizon in the setup client.

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