HoverflyGIMBAL Firmware 1.9r0

HoverflyGIMBAL Change Notes
Version 1.9 rev0
Date 1/22/13
Components Included:
HoverflyGIMBAL Firmware (version 1.9 rev0)
HoverflyGIMBAL Setup Client (version 1.9 rev0)

New features:
Servo output rate control
The servo output rate can be set to 200Hz, 100Hz, or 50HZ.
This is controlled through the Gimbal Mode configuration page. Once you open this, go to the
servo settings tab and the servo output rate is selectable. Analog servos should use 50Hz.

Roll limiter based on tilt angle
This feature is built for a very specific gimbal configuration. On gimbals where the tilt action
moves the roll mechanism, there is a possibility of gimbal lock where the roll axis becomes
uncontrollable when the gimbal points directly downward. This feature allows those gimbals to
disable roll control when a particular tilt angle is reached. This feature can be accessed in the
Gimbal Mode configuration page, on the servo settings tab. There is a checkbox to enable the
feature and then a cutoff angle value that can be entered. When the tilt exceeds that angle, the
roll output will be limited and eventually made to hold the servo at its current position.
Please note that this feature only applies to gimbals where the tilt mechanism moves the roll
mechanism. And only if that gimbal uses continuous rotation (potless) servos.

Updated features:

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