HoverflyGIMBAL Firmware / Setup Client 1.6

HoverflyGIMBAL Change Notes
Version 1.6 rev0
Date 9/5/12
Components Included:
HoverflyGIMBAL Firmware (version 1.6 rev0)
HoverflyGIMBAL Setup Client (version 1.6 rev0)
New features:
Receiver deadband and switch band settings
The user can now set ranges for the receiver deadband and switch high/low bands. When
transmitter sticks return to center, they might not always come back to the same point. The
deadband range is a value that designated a range around center where the gimbal board will
assume that the stick is at the center point to avoid problems due to mechanical slop.
The switch high low ranges are the PWM values at which the controller assumes a switch has
moved from low to middle to high.
These can be set from the receiver configuration page.
Heading Lock Display
On the main screen, the current lock position for the heading is displayed.
Updated features:
Angle Velocity Mode
Angle velocity mode was not working properly in previous versions. It would work properly
when used as a mode switch selection, but not when set to be always in angle velocity mode.
This has now been corrected and angle velocity mode works in all cases.

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