HoverflyGIMBAL Firmware / Setup Client v1.5

HoverflyGIMBAL Change Notes
Version 1.5 rev0
Date 09/04/12

Components Included:
HoverflyGIMBAL Firmware (version 1.5 rev0)
HoverflyGIMBAL Setup Client (version 1.5 rev0)

New features:
PID Parameter Settings (Yaw)
The user can now update the PID parameters for the yaw axis.
This can be done by clicking the “PID Values” button on the servo configuration page when the
yaw servo is active. From this page, the user can update the PID constants as well as an
overall gain value. Additionally, this page displays a graph of the current PID responses in order
to aid with the tuning of the control loop.
This is found on the “Gimbal Mode” configuration tab.

Use Magnetometer option
The user can now choose to use the magnetometer or not use it when computing the heading.
If it is not used, the heading will not point to magnetic north, and it will drift slowly over time.
The fact that it doesn’t point to magnetic north is not a problem as it is only used as a relative
value. The drift will be minor. The advantage is that it will no longer be susceptible to magnetic

Updated features:
Maximum Offset
The maximum offset parameter was not being saved properly in previous versions. This was
found on the receiver configuration screen. It would also display an incorrect value (though the
displayed value was not the used value.
In previous versions, the user was limited to +/- 45 degrees offset. Now they can control the
value of this limit. Note that this refers to the offset in mode 2, not the deflection in mode 1.

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