Pro Firmware Release v4.3.800

New Features:

 1. Autoleveling Smoothing:



2. More accurate compass and new computerless calibration

3. New Setup client v1.5.0.51 with several fixes that make it easier to use

4. Improved temperature compenation


Bug Fixes

1. Fixed internal ESC calibration procedure

2. Fixed issue where OSD could take up to 60 seconds to start up

3. Fixed issue where camera compensation roll center would always be different in setup client vs when flying 

4. Fixed issue where saving OSD call sign could  overwrite camera compensation parameters

5. Sometimes setup client altitude indicator would jump to half it's available range

6. Fixed issue where position estimate (for camera compenation/auto leveling) would slowly drift toward it's correct position on start up

7. Fixed issue where full throttle causes roll/tilt movement

8. Some GPS hold fixes

9. Fixes for X and X8  modes (improved stability)

10. Improved (smoother position estimate)

11. Autoleveling now engages smoothly

12. Can now take off with autoleveling enabled. 

13. GPS return to home now accelerates / decelerates smoothly. 

14. Fixed issue where Camera Compensation would cause mount to twitch while disarmed.

Things to Know After Flashing

1. Re-calibrate the compass on your HoverflyGPS using the new method before flying

2. GPS hold is not yet performing well in wind.  A subsequent update will help resolve this

3. Temperature compensation is now a critical step in getting GPS, Autoleveling, and Camera Mount Compensation working.

4. You now need to use a low heat source (such as a hair dryer) to get Temperature Compensation to complete.

5. You must adjust your throttle range setting according to this guide

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