Gimbal Firmware v0.92




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    Is there a link to download it?

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    Elliott Humphry

    Goto the software updates page from support and get the firmware update client if you havent already, you upgrade from there

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    Ide Daisuke

    I started using the product this week. I am a beginner of HoverFly Gimbal.

    There are already Ver 0.98 that you use the Update Client.

    DATE and also its not old, 0.92 is the latest in this Web.

    I am confused by the different information.The latest version should I use this with 0.98?

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    Ben Halsted

    Hello Ide,

    We regularly release new firmware to improve current features and introduce new ones. We recommend that you use the highest-numbered release available. (Starting tonight, that will be v. 1.0 - release notes for this new firmware will be available tomorrow.)

    Thanks for flying with us,


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    Ide Daisuke

    It is very good news that.Thanks!

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    Ide Daisuke

    I am looking forward to the most recent version of the Release Notes.

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