GIMBAL Firmware .91

There is a new version of the HoverflyGIMBAL firmware ( version 0.91)

This fixes the bug with the gyro temperature calibration. You will NOT need to redo the calibration procedure after updating to this firmware. The values were stored correctly in the original firmware, but they were not being used by the board. This fix instructs the board to apply that information properly.

We expect another firmware update by the end of the week that will add heading lock and stored program capability. We are also working to improve communication between the board and the servos used by Cinestar and similar model gimbals.

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    Vladislav Jelnin

    two questions.

    1: compass not working commit-gauge (3 axis).

    2: After the motion, there is no horizon (out)

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    Ben Halsted

    The firmware update including heading lock is still under development at this time.

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