Hoverfly Firmware Update


1. Fixed startup settling issue with position estimate
2. Fixed issue with Return to home jerking the craft around
3. Fixed temperature compensation
4. GPS board now flashes purple if SD Card is not plugged in
5. Improved declination calculation
6. Added declination logging
7. Improved mag headling lock hunting
8. Fixed issue where mag heading lock would loose lock when pointing north
9. Mag heading now only engages when autoleveling or GPS position hold / return to home are engaged.


Firmware Changes:
1. Added flight counter: Counts the number of flights you make.
2. Added flight time counter: Tells you the number of hours you have spent flying 
3. Added accelerometer calibration: Allows you to calibrate your accelerometer giving better GPS hold and autoleveling performance
4. Added gyro temperature compensation: Helps reduce autoleveling drift from normal temperature changes
5. Optimized control loop to reduce high frequency movement
6. Increased the resolution of the camera compensation outputs
7. Increased the speed of the camera compensation outputs (now 200hz, digital servos only)
8. Fixed the flight log
9. Fixed issue where too low gain causes oscillations with autoleveling


1. Fixed autoleveling flipping issue
2. Added support for GPS board
3. Some fixes for altitude hold
4. Fixed issue where motors can be started by raising throttle before board finished initializing


1. Fixed issue with settling of position estimate on startup.


1. Fixed error in flight timer
2. Fixed assymetry in Altitude Hold gain and Main Gain
3. Increased speed of camera mount outputs 14x
4. Improved autoleveling response
5. Improved camera compensation response
6. Fixed Altitude hold (better than it was in 092!)
7. Implemented height control for altitude hold (up throttle goes up at fixed rate, down throttle goes down at a fixed rate)
8. Removed altitude hold failsafe (motors don't stop when throttle is at 0 and altitude hold is engaged)


1. Tested X8 mode (working nicely)
2. Tested redundency failure in X8 mode (the loss of 1 motor, 2-4 motor failure support coming in next release)
3. Various improvements to X mode (may require gain adjustment for X mode users)
4. Increased precision of altitude reading in OSD
5. Fixed issue with instability at full throttle throttle now must be set to +-100% in travel adjustment menu on your transmitter
6. Throttle trim must now be set to full back (down) for above fix
7. Various improvements to autoleveling
8. Fixed battery voltage on flight recorder and OSD
9. Fixed g-meter on OSD
10. Re-tuned takeoff detection
11. Fixed issue where using lots of trim on the rudder affects arming
12. Plugging in power with throttle set to > 50% now starts trouble mode
13. Added flight quality metric to OSD and flight recorder
-This feature is experimental and may not actually be a good indicator of anything yet
-Lower numbers are better
-Can potentially help with gain adjustment while flying FPV
14. Added artificial horizon to OSD (experimental)
15. OSD now updates 2x faster
16. Fixes for control loop jitter experienced by some users (hexa jutter issue).
17. Fixed camera mount twitching on start up
-Camera mount takes 8 second to start up after board is ready
18. Implemented various fixes for the camera mount output to resolve some issues users were having with jitter and smoothness
19. Improved parameters tab in setup client (now applies values live)
20. Changed control loop parameters to achieve better vibration resistance
21. Improved handling in windy conditions
22. Fixed issue with Hex and improved stability for all modes.


1. Decreased time trouble mode takes to load by 3 seconds
2. Fixed issue with flipping while in autoleveling
3. Improved transient response for autoleveling
4. Fixed issue with non responsive yaw
5. Re-tested x mode (it works nicely)


1. Fixed issue with firmware still applying corrections to the motors after quad has landed
2. Ported QP RX control structure up to current firmware (to fix issues with Futaba FASST radios)
3. Fixed issue where yawing while on the ground could cause ground loop
4. Added several features to flight recorder (mode reporting, firmware version reporting, column headers)
5. Add pressure to flight recorder
6. Improved yaw control response


I just released 2.069 into the update client. 

Fixed board initialization issues.
Fixed problem with flight recorder.
Tweaked autoleveling filter (let me know if you guys like this better or not)
Decreased sensitivity of takeoff detection
Fixed issue with using 11ms frame rate on Spektrum DX8
Added Receiver performance counters for diagnostics
Fixed issue with boards needing to be reflashed every so often

Note: You must update to the new version of the setup client to take advantage of the RX performance counters. You will be automatically prompted to update when you load the setup client.
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