Equipment Recommendations

This is a list of recommended products for use with Hoverfly flight controllers. In all cases, we have tested and flown these products in-house. This list is periodically revised as we test new products. Last revision: Apr 2014

Please note that we generally do not recommend specific models, as the power and lift needs of each multirotor will be different.

If you do not see a product on this list, that does not mean it is incompatible with our products. It means only that we have not tested it in-house, or that we prefer the listed brand(s). For example, our staff prefers Spektrum radios, but there are many happy customers who fly with Futaba radios instead.

Frame: Droidworx

Propellers: APC

Motors: Axi or Scorpion brushless motors

ESCs: Turnigy Plush series

Transmitter/Receiver: Spektrum DX8 or DX7s with Spektrum AR8000 receiver

GPS antenna module: uBlox LEA-6H from 3DRobotics

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    Timothy Dowd

    Is a hi-tech remote required? I have a King 2.4Ghz 6Ch Tx & Rx V2 - Mode 2 at home. It doesn't have the LCD screen. Is that ok?

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    Ben Halsted

    You will need at least 7 channels to take full availability of the HoverflyPRO's features.

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    instagram 11


    Thanks for information






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