International Orders

International Orders

Declared Customs Value
We often receive requests to mark an international shipment as a gift or to reduce the declared value. We understand that some businesses are willing to alter the invoice value to minimize the duties and taxes charged. However, our policy is to comply with United States import and export regulations to the best of our ability.
In accordance with United States export law, it is our policy to do the following:
1. Declare each item shipped at its sale value.
2. Declare each shipment as commercial in nature. (Actual samples and repair & return orders will be marked as such whenever possible.)
3. Provide an accurate description and Harmonized Tariff or HTS code for each item shipped.
In short, we can not and will not comply with requests to mark an order as a gift, sample, or to declare an artificially low customs value - requests to do so will not be honored.

Duties, Taxes, VAT and Customs Fees

Duties and taxes for international shipments are the customer's responsibility. Prices charged through our website do NOT include any duties, taxes, international VAT, or customs fees that may be incurred during shipment. We do not collect or pay international duties or taxes of any kind. Your government or the carrier (FedEx or DHL for example) will collect any duties or taxes upon delivery directly from you in accordance with local customs regulations. If you have questions or concerns about possible VAT charges for your international order please contact the customs agency in the country of import.


Special Circumstances

Some countries have specific import/export rules and regulations pertaining to the purchase and shipment of electronics and items over a certain value. We leave it to the customer to be familiar with their local rules and regulations. If it is not legal to purchase, import, or own our products in your country, state, or region, it is imperative upon you to refrain from doing so.

One common and recurring case of this is orders destined to the Russian Federation. Russian customs regulations prevent an individual from importing any item worth greater than 200 Euros. This applies to almost every one of our control products. Therefore, while it is legal for us to ship these orders, they will be rejected by Russian customs and returned to us if the customer fails to take the necessary steps to ensure that the import has been handled properly. Please be aware of your local customs regulations before ordering internationally!

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