I need to make a return. How can I get an RMA number?

RMA Instructions 

An RMA (Return Merchandise Authorization) is required for all returns or exchanges.


Requesting an RMA number

Please make sure that you have correctly followed the installation instructions and operating procedures in the product User Guide. If you believe the product is defective, please following the procedure below:

  1. Open a support ticket using the "Submit a Request" Link at the top of the page.
  2. When filling out the request form, please complete all fields (including your contact information) and provide detailed descriptions of the item malfunction. It is not sufficient to state that the item "does not work".
  3. Also be sure to select  "Yes" in the RMA Request box. If you are uncertain about the cause of the problem, please state this in your description. Our team may be able to resolve your issue without requiring you to send your product in for repair.
  4. Submit your request.

Please note, your return must be covered under the terms of our return policy. You can read the return policy here.

Returning the product for repair or replacement
  • Hoverfly will not accept any packages without the RMA number clearly marked on the outside of the package. Returns received without an RMA# will be refused by our shipping department. Include the RMA number on the shipping label or write it on the outside of the package. 
  • The address for shipping your package back to Hoverfly will be provided along with an issued RMA number.
  • Repackage the product in its original or similar shipping package and packing (if possible) and place in a sturdy shipping box to avoid damage during transit.
  • Please send only the device itself and do not include any accessories such as manuals, cables, etc. If you believe the accessories may be part of the problem and wish to include them, please indicate this clearly in your request. Otherwise, Hoverfly will not be able to guarantee that your accessories will be returned.
  • You are responsible for any shipping charges when sending your item to Hoverfly. Hoverfly will cover any shipping charges when returning your item back to you.
  • Special note for international customers - on your shipper's invoice, be sure to write the following: "Goods with no commercial value are being returned for repair"  (or check the appropriate box if provided on shipping documents). Without this note, additional charges may be levied by customs, which you will be responsible for. We also follow this procedure when shipping returned items back to you.
Service charges
  • Hoverfly will not charge any service or repair fees for defective products returned under warranty. 
Turnaround time
  • The turnaround time for diagnosis, repair, and return can vary from a few days to a few weeks. If a replacement product is available, it can be shipped within a few days.
Shipping of repaired items to customer
  • Repaired items will be returned by UPS (for domestic returns) or DHL (for international returns). If you require any special shipping arrangements, please indicate this clearly when shipping your item to Hoverfly.
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